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Fine Art Images of Hawaii by Thomas Upton

Big Island Landscape Photography
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About Thomas Upton

I'm a landscape photographer dividing time between California and the Big Island. I created this website to share what I have seen and learned about the island. I want to motivate viewers to explore the Island themselves, and possibly purchase prints as reminders of what they have seen.

I spent many years as an island tourist, and have now become a part-time Hawaii resident. Like most photographers, I enjoy seeing and capturing the epic Hawaiian scenes and some of them are represented here. But today, I find it far more enjoyable to seek out scenes that capture the uniqueness , beauty, and diversity of the Island. I spend much of my time on the Island engaged in photography in some way.

I am a lifelong photographer, having worked with 35mm, medium format (645), and 4x5 film cameras, as well as APS-C, 35mm, and 645 digital cameras. The images on this website were mostly taken with digital full-frame 35mm cameras, mainly Leica (SL) and Lumix (S1) L-mount cameras. Post-processing is all done in Capture One except for special edits. I print my own images up to 13x19 using a Canon Pro-100, and all monitors and printers are calibrated with X-Rite tools. 

In addition to this website, I have prints available for sale in galleries in Waimea on the Island.

While photographing Hawaii has become my principle photographic passion, I have spent much time shooting internationally. There is an international gallery on this website, and I maintain online portfolios in several other places as well. For those interested, have a look at 500px or Viewbug. Some images you see here are also posted on those sites, but there are many others that I hope you enjoy. You can also see my work on Instagram at, @thuptonsphotos, and @bigislandimages. Photos published and recognitions from curated websites are listed here.

lone tree on Desolation Trail in Volcano Park
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