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Fine Art Images of Hawaii by Thomas Upton

Fine Art Images of Hawaii by Thomas Upton

Big Island Landscape Photography
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Fine Art Prints

High quality prints are available in formats from smaller unmounted prints to large fine art installations. Select images from this website are shown below, and clicking on any will open a "cart" where you can specify what type of print or installation you would like with a few clicks. Examples of actual installations and mockups of large installations may help you decide what works best for you
Most popular fine-art presentation formats are available here. If what you want isn't listed, enter a "Special Request" and I can configure and price what you have in mind. All printing, mounting,  and framing is done by Bay Photo, a top professional photo finishing lab. When completed, your purchase will be sent directly to you from their facility [PLEASE click arrow below for more ordering info!]

    • Each image below can be configured in one of 7 different product formats. I've standardized some options to popular choices. All materials are archive quality and acid-free, and many other options are available by special request. Unmounted Prints: Just the print itself, in your choice of sizes and print surfaces. (see below). Perfect if you already have your own display option available. Matted Prints: A print with mat and backing so that the print is frame-ready. The standard mat is white, has a single window for the photo, and a border between 2"-3" in width (depending on photo size). Other colors/textures and borders are available via Special Request. Canvas Prints: The photo is printed on a densely woven canvas and stretched onto a wooden frame, like a canvas painting. The standard frame is 1.5" deep and the image (matte finish standard) is wrapped around the edges of the frame. A variety of options (frame depth, border style, print finish, etc) are available by Special Request. A sawtooth mount is included as standard. Metal Print: The photo is printed on an aluminum sheet of the size selected, without a border. The finish is either a vivid high gloss or a satin (matte) that softens the appearance and reduces reflections. The print comes standard with a mount that "floats" the print about 3/4" off the wall. Acrylic Print: The photo is mounted on the back of a crystal clear sheet of 1/8" - 1/4" thick (depending on size) acrylic plastic, so you view the print through the acrylic. There is no border and the surface is glossy. The result has a more 3-dimensional feel than a metal print. A a non-glare surface is standard, reducing reflections. This print comes with a mount that "floats" it about 3/4" off the wall. Framed Prints: The print is matted and mounted in a custom frame with a clear acrylic sheet covering the print (instead of glass. Acrylic is lighter and non-breakable). Walnut or cherry frames with white mats are standard. With Fine Art Paper selected as the print medium, it is equally perfect in a gallery showing or in your home. Reveal Frame Prints: My personal favorite way to display a Fine Art print. The print is mounted inside a deep frame and floats above the inside back of the frame. A white mat covers the inside rear of the frame. I add a deckled edge (appearing as if torn against a straight edge) to the print as standard, to give it a "handmade" feel that complements the float mounting. The print is covered with a clear acrylic sheet. Only Fine Art paper. Is available. Walnut or Cherry frames with a white back mat are standard. The "reveal" (space between print edge and frame side) is 1" by default and there is no border on the print. By special request, all these parameters can be changed.

    • Many print media are available, but fortunately most decisions boil down to a few key options. I have standardized on those most likely to be of interest, but other options are available by Special Request. Paper prints: these are media for unmounted, matted, and framed/reveal prints. Papers divide into two major professional categories: conventional finish and fine art. Conventional finishes are usually shown as glossy, luster, and matte. Glossy is a smooth reflective finish that shows detail and colors well. It tends to have a higher contrast than other finishes. It is highly reflective, shows glare from lights, and can highlight even the smallest imperfections in the print surface. Proper lighting can be difficult to achieve. Glossy prints usually use dye inks, which may fade over time, but this is less of a concern for the normal lifetime of a print made with modern dye inks. Luster finish solves some of this. It is shiny, but finely pebbled. It diffuses reflected light so highlights are reduced. To me it has a richer look. It captures detail and colors well and has a more neutral contrast. Luster papers are often marketed as premium papers with a heavier weight. I use luster paper for much of my work. They are often made with dye inks, so longevity is sometimes a concern. A matte finish is much less shiny and reflective than the previous two finishes. It tends to have flatter contrast and shows colors as less vivid. The overall range of available tones is lower. While this may not sound very appealing, it can be ideal for the right subject matter. Many prints naturally have a softer look or more muted tones, and a matte finish looks great for these. Matte prints often use pigment inks, which contribute to the reduced reflectivity. They are less susceptible to moisture and can have greater longevity. Fine Art Papers. These papers are intended to provide enhanced performance by some measure vs conventional papers. For example, I use Moab Entrada Bright Rag paper as my standard fine art paper. It has a matte finish but better contrast and color range than normal matte papers. It is made of 100% cotton and has a textured finish on its brilliant white surface that has a "painterly" feel, yet prints are sharp and bright. The cotton content makes it ideal for deckling where the edges are literally torn to create a handmade look (Conventional papers mostly do not deckle well). There are many fine art papers, some best for black and white, some with a highly textured finish, some are very smooth. Unlike conventional papers, most are 100% cotton-based, are not resin-coated, have no acid content, and do not employ optical brightening chemicals. All these factors contribute to superior archival characteristics and appearance for fine art prints. If you prefer a different Fine Art paper than standard Moab, please indicate this in a Special Request.

    • All items are professionally printed at highest available quality. Prices include a flat 25% increase over the final price I am charged by the print lab. Since prints are shipped directly from the print lab to the customer, shipping fees I charge are what they charge without markup. In rare cases where the shipping fee is not known until the work is completed, I may have to collect an estimated shipping cost at checkout and adjust it (additional charge or partial refund) prior to shipment. I collect sales tax at checkout for states where we have physical presence, which are CA and HI. The "cart" will display the price for your purchase based on options you select. Click the button below to see pricing for all print products (standard options) available here. I encourage you to visit yourself to review their pricing and explore the huge array of additional options available for your project.

    • Ordering involves making selections that define the print you want from the cart page. if you are not comfortable with any aspect of this process, just contact me directly and I will help you get what you want. 1. Please read everything on this page prior to ordering if you are not familiar with purchasing photo prints. 2. Select a print you are interested in and click on it to get to the cart. You will see several dropdown menus and a color selection set. Proceed from top to bottom making your selections: - Select type of print from the 7 options. See "Available Print Formats" above for a description. - Select the print size or print window. If you are purchasing an unmounted, acrylic, metal, or canvas print this is the size of the finished print you want. If you are purchasing matted, framed, or reveal prints, this is the size of the frame opening you want (the actual print size will be smaller since a mat or reveal border will also be present). -Select the frame color (if you a purchasing a framed or reveal print). Select "No Frame" otherwise. Do not leave this choice unselected. -Select the print surface. Only print surfaces that are available for your print type will be shown. 3. The price for your selected choices will be shown at this point. If you selected "Special Request" anywhere, the price shown will be $0. If you do not see the options you expected, reload the page on your browser to start the process over. 4. If you have specified "Special Request", please describe what you want as best you can and I will contact you to confirm and generate a proposal with pricing. 5. If you are satisfied with your choices, click "Payment" and enter your payment info. Once paid, I will review your order and confirm your choices by email. With your approval, I will place the order with Bay Photo.

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